When you begged me to dominate you, you had no idea what that means to a woman like me. I could tell you were just feeling lazySensual Domination and wanted me to do all the thinking and creating and orchestrating in our sex life. I know you thought I was just going to tie you to the bed and ride you until we were both satisfied…you know, the stuff vanillas do when they’re feeling experimental. Shame on you and your laziness.

Friday night arrives, and I do exactly as you expect. I slip into a black satin chemise and strappy heels, handcuffs dangling from my delicate finger – a deceptive cliché. You find yourself cuffed naked to the headboard as I settle down next to you, my warm hand cupping your stiff penis.

“This belongs to me. I am going to take my pleasure whenever and however I see fit – and you know I can’t get enough of your thick cock. However, it is not allowed to cum without my expressed permission.” It twitches, clearly enamored of the unfamiliar tone in my voice.

In one smooth motion, I rather predictably straddle your face and take a pre-coital orgasm. So far this is going exactly how you had hoped it would, isn’t it? But…you failed to thank me for the privilege of tasting me. This does not bode well for you. I brush your face with my satin-clad breasts and slide down your body until I’m hovering over your hungry cock. “Remember, no cumming without asking first.” You truly have no idea yet how lucky you are as my pussy envelops you.

I pull up my slip so you can watch me work my clit while I ride you and take my next two orgasms. I reach behind and clutch your balls, and that brief moment when you lurch with the anticipation of pain sends me right over the edge for another. Your breathing is now ragged and I pull my body up until the head of your cock is just barely inside me. You begin to fake-beg, “Pleeeease…I need to cum NOW. Please let me cum! Your pussy feels tooooo good.”

It’s now time to teach you the most basic tenet of female domination – orgasm denial. I push myself off you and leave our bed, my face expressionless as yours crumples in confusion. “But but… I asked! What the fuck – you’re not going to leave me like this!”

“Sweetheart,” I begin silkenly. “Just because you ask doesn’t mean you automatically get a yes. Now you and your poor deprived penis just lie back and meditate on what you learned, because you still can’t touch.” I tap the cuffs. “A little hint – don’t ever make ‘please’ sound like an order again unless you want to turn those blue balls into no balls.” Smack! (and you know where).

~ Brianna ~