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By reading this blasphemy post you agree to eternal damnation in the fiery pits of hell. ON WITH THE SHOW! What is blasphemy? Only the best fun you can have with a heathen and your boner! To put it plainly, it is a lack of respect, or showing contempt toward a religion or deity. And people get super weird about it… including me, because my super weird, is making subbies denounce their religious beliefs all in the name of their new lordess and savior…. femdom obfuscatrix Goddess Brighton!

What is Blasphemy?

Blasphemy is not limited to one religion. There’s mainly men who call me that want to blaspheme against non-christian religions, including being made to eat or do things that would be considered sinful or sacriligious acts. What kind of “things” you ask? Ohhhh I don’t know… eating pork, eating beef, performing sodomy aka sticking something up your ass and liking it, homosexual behavior. For some, the spiritual depravity, of doing all these things that some book written a bajillion years ago, tells them is against holy law, makes them cum harder than a pompeii volcano.

Morals, Ethics and Blasphemy

So obviously, people who get off on blasphemy, are divided into these two categories. The first, people who are atheists and just get off on blasphemy because they feel like they’re getting one over on the religious. And then there’s those who do believe at least a little of what they’ve been taught, and they’re afraid that their naughty dirty fantasies of getting bent over by a nun are going to send them straight to hell, or at the very least mar their faith in some way. You’re talking to me, a woman, who walks around laughing at men “for being gay” because they like being humiliated for being cock suckers – and who repeatedly wears nun outfits just for kicks. If you’re damned, you might as well have fun on the roller coaster to H-E-Double Hockey sticks!

Religion Witchcraft and Sodomy

For some odd reason – and I just can’t imagine why… – sodomy is ranked pretty high on the blasphemy list. Not sure why, maybe I’ll ask a certain church mouse –  why he likes it when I fuck him up the ass, so much. And in case any of you are wondering, Yes, I have spoken to Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and I’ve probably talked to a few Hari-Krishnas but I’m not sure. And the one thing all of them had in common – including the priest – is that talking to me, was their orgasmic outlet for getting their sin out… and all over the carpet and their new hanes undershirts. And at the top of their list, is usually some evil witch whore of Gomorra, that seduces them with her sorcery and fucks them up the ass or something else wicked. *shrug*

Witchcraft - Blasphemy

This She-Devil throws one hell of a party! Call Miss Brighton at 1-800-601-6975

Blasphemy is Er… Therapeutic?

I’m not sure, but it seems like jerking off to something blasphemous, helps these fellas go on with whatever their faith is. Having impure thoughts is normal, really, and for some reason, strong roots in faith seems to bring out those impure thoughts heavily.  So I’m here to tell you, that while I understand the kink, I can assure you you’re not going to hell for jerking off to nun porn and skeeting to Agnes of God in your wife’s pink panties. The most important thing to remember is, that blasphemy is a form of humiliation. And shaming you denouncing your “God” is right up my alley of depraved Femdom acts.

I Enjoy Dominating Blasphemers

I cannot tell you how horrified some people are that I do blasphemy. Yeah yeah I get it, no… I’m not in any way worried about where my soul is going, but I’m also not going to explain my personal religious views with anyone – unless they ask. If this helps give you any idea, no… I’m not religious. I do partake in real life witchcraft, and to be really honest it’s not like what you see in movies and tv. Although I really do like Harry Potter! Anyway! If you’re game for a little blasphemous Female Domination, I would compell you to call me! However I’d really also like to know, if you’re into it, what got you into blasphemy phone sex fetish? And tell me about your humiliation blasphemy femdom fantasy. Yep, that’s your assignment fuckers, put your kink into words for me!

Call for Blasphemy Humiliation

So you’re ready to be led down the path of the damned? Yay!!!! Just call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Goddess Brighton. And here’s a handy dandy reminder, that you can order your very own custom made phone sex audio from Goddess Brighton, if you can’t call and you’d like to have me cackling in your ear buds about that thing I made you do with a holy bible. Now your next instructions are… to listen to the free assignment audio that accompanies this blasphemy blog post. Enjoy! And if you’re a naysaying religious fanatic, jesus fuckin christ lighten up!


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