Femdom Phone Sex

You’ll Come To Love Me Because I Own You

Has masturbation become rote and predictable? It’s time to stir things up and buy new masturbation toys, so let’s go shopping!

Isn’t it deliciously exciting and a little humiliating to go buy things to get off with? That’s why you need to share all of those yummy feelings with a Mistress like me. I have so many suggestions for new ways to get you off–and so many suggestions for fun things you can say to the sales clerk.

For instance, I think it would be a great idea to ask her what she recommends. Since she works surrounded by all types of fun masturbation aids, I’m sure she can help us find the perfect toy for your pleasure!

Of course, in order to find the best toy, you’ll have to tell her a few things about yourself, like how your penis is smaller than most guys or how you love to get fucked up the ass.

Oh, your penis is normal size? Well, that’s not important. You’re not asking questions for yourself; you’re asking questions for MY pleasure!

Sure, we are there shopping for masturbation toys for your use, but you’ll get your fun later. I get mine first, of course, and if you are a good boy, then I’ll make sure you get some seriously good fun. But, as always, Mistress first!

So be a good boy and tell the nice lady all about how your butt needs a new plug, how your mouth needs a new dildo to suck, and how your little peeny needs a tiny little masturbation sleeve.

She and I will laugh at you, but won’t that just make it all so much more fun later?


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