Real Submission to a Mistress is not as easy as you think it is.

In the world of phone sex, I see a lot of not as sincere as it could be submission. I get a lot of guys who get their jollies this way, by giving lip service to the idea of being submissive during sex to a woman. Most of these fellas would never actually be submissive all the time, even in non-sexual situations, to a woman. They just get off on the notion that it’s a fun vacation from reality for a little bit. They never really consider themselves to be, in their heart of hearts, submissive. They never give real submission to anyone.

Some people think they do real submission, but they’re just ‘doing submission’.real submission 800 356 6169

When I say you’re ‘doing submission’, I mean you’re pretending. You put on the role of submissive and then go have fun with it, but when you’re pushed on something, your submission dissolves, and then you’re revealed to just be pretending. When you’re ‘doing submission’, your submission is only so deep, it’s not all the way through to the bone. Yes, it’s deeper than the vacationers, but it’s still not exactly ‘really real submission’.

Real Submission is rare, it’s hard, and when a Mistress finds it, she ought to treat it like gold.

I have a test, to see if your submission is actual, real submission. I want to know if you need to submit or if you just want to submit. I do love the guys who want to submit, mind you. And the vacationers, I take them as a challenge, to see if I can make them crave submission to me again and again. But the really needy submissives, the ones who crave it and ache without it? Here’s how I check to see which sort you are: I let you go. I release you from your submission to me, and allow you to walk away from me. How far you go, what you do with your freedom, how you react, and even how you ask to submit again all tell me everything I need to know about you.

Do you think you’re a Real Submissive?

I’ll answer that with the real truth: it doesn’t matter what sort of submissive you are, so long as you’re having fun and not hurting anyone. Are you a real submissive? For the length of time you submit to me, you’re a real submissive. And when we’re done, I’ll let you go. Let’s see what you do next.


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