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Listen to me tell you about the relationship between a Femdom and a submissive.

There is always a lively debate in BDsm circles about who is in charge – the submissive or the Dominant. For experienced kink players, the answer is — wait for it — YES. ~laughs~ What I mean by that is, both are “equal” during certain times but in the scene, I am in charge as the Femdom, Mistress or Dominant. If someone is topping from the bottom we’re not a good fit.

Emotional Intimacy in BDsm Relationships

The clothes, pain play and various kink techniques and visuals are great (oh yeah!) but, remember, those are the external aspects of what’s going on inside. My friend Mistress Delia and I get into this conversation in a podcast episode about BDsm and boundaries. One pet talks about the emotional intimacy in such a beautiful way:

“It’s interesting to balance the love and need when it comes from being controlled by a Mistress. It gives me value and purpose in life.

Without her control I am lost.

Life becomes clear when she tells me what I should do.”

Trust and Kinksubmissive for Experienced Mistress Olivia

If you have open and honest communication with your Mistress, this becomes a deep and abiding friendship unlike any other. I’m thinking of the people I meet here that I know more real stuff about them than anyone else in their lives. I take that trust seriously and I cherish each of you for that gift.

Relationship with your Mistress

Do you have a close relationship with your Mistress? Do you even want that or is it better for you to just “do the sex” and keep your erotic pleasure with me totally separate from the rest of your life?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia


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