I covered adored feet last time. Very good, you are working your way up. The view from the bottom, under the heels rewarded you with the right to pass go. Now get to work, bottom boy and slowly pass that tongue on the back of my thigh. You are about to meet your final destination. My perfect heart shaped ass.

Ass Worship

This ass is admired by all and be grateful your tongue gets to imbibe. You are a bottom feeder and you are working your way to the top, right to the crack, your tongue engaged, happily finding its home. The sweet highway you find irresistible. Should I grant you permission, you may even take both hands and squeeze the heart. With that, an edged cock would be the reward, but only one. You have much work to do slave and I expect ass worship to be done right.

Face Sitting

You, of course, know where this will lead. Full on face sitting, smothering , and cock whipping for my amusement. If you know me well, you will know I will be reading a magazine or book, ignoring you as I face sit you. Should I become uncomfortable, you get a short break and earn the honor of giving me a massage.

On the subject of ass worship, you may get a gift of hard and heavy strap on play for a job well done. It fits into the strategy after all. Keeping the subject and play of ass worship and ass fucking. Right boy?


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