Explore Femdom with Miss Rachel! 1-800-356-6169You’ve ended up here for a reason: probably you heard the word “domination” or the phrase “female domination”, it aroused you, and you went to Googling. I’m glad you did so, and I hope that seeing just how deep the rabbit hole goes once you start exploring femdom phone sex ends up enriching your life, if not with Me, then with someone else. But if all you know is the phrase, and not really what it entails, it can be hard to know where to begin.

Did you envision, when you read the word “femdom”, a sexually-charged woman aggressively riding cowgirl on your cock? That sort of scene might play into a scenario you get into with one Mistress or another, but that’s not really all that different from what you can see in any mainstream porn, is it? I like a good fuck as much as the next woman, and there are even Mistresses who are content to explore more of a vanilla or GFE experience with you. But it’s important to get to know the Mistress whose pictures you’ve been eyeing, and whose face you superimposed on your fantasy cock rider, so that you don’t end up disappointed when She’s not interested in acting out your scene over the phone.

My femdom can be about pleasure, but it’s more about control.

If I am the Mistress about whose photos you’ve been fantasizing, you should know that it will take more Explore Femdom with Miss Rachel! 1-800-356-6169than the prospect of riding your cock to interest Me. Something more needs to be added, namely, that I may ride your cock and have an orgasm or two or three, but you won’t. Or maybe I’ll be holding a remote control to a vibrating ass plug which will be crammed deep into your nether regions. Or maybe I won’t be the one being penetrated at all. Or maybe you’ll be penetrated, but not by Me.

It’s a good idea to watch some femdom-oriented porn, perhaps, before getting in touch with Me or any other Mistress. Watch a lot of it. Do some of that same Google-ing that brought you here to Our site. You aren’t expected to like everything you see, but with the edification of doing your research, doing a little of your own exploration, not only will you know how to articulate what you’re looking for when you get in touch with Us, but what you’re not looking for. Then I’ll be able to tell you right off the bat whether or not I’m the right Mistress for you.

Better still, after you’ve become familiar with the different kinks commonly explored in Femdom, carefully complete My getting-to-know-you questionnaire. Spend some time reading My personal blog to get a better sense of Me. I promise I’ll reply candidly, and either W/e’ll have a date for further exploration, or perhaps I’ll be able to point you to someone more suited to where your wandering mind has taken you.



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