Whenever I walk into a gym, a sporting goods store, or see a pull up bar, my mind goes to fond thoughts of ball busting. Ah, ball busting with a boxing glove on a dangling boy hanging from a pull up bar. There are so many ways to bust balls, and added with trampling, we have a hit (so to speak).

Ball Busting Domination

Ball busting domination is incredibly humiliating. You do not have the pleasure of the foot in a worship position but instead, a predatory threatening strict and mean maneuver. It is not a loving form of domination. All domination has a loving edge except for this one. For the dominatrix, tight spandex gives the athletic sleek sexiness of a real tough bitch. Leather knee high boots are the feature because Mistress will kick with that pointed toe. The toe can be square for the hammer effect.

Starting with subtle kicks and punches escalating to full on creates a terrifying crescendo. You are so fucked. Ball busting enthusiasts beg for much impact, and they can take it. A Mistress has no need to be shy or hold back. I like the end the session with a soft massage then BOOM! A punch to the balls with legs spread wide with a stretcher bar. A harsh whisper of “This is going to be a good time for a chastity cage to go on since it has been tenderized.” A meat tenderizing mallet is held up and shown. You are so fucked, hold your breath and close your eyes…this is gonna hurt.


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