I have been called the “Sissy Whisperer” by some of my admirers as I have dedicated a large part of my mistress-ing to those pud pullers out there that just cannot seem to get off lest they fantasize about being female or they are securely wrapped in feminine clothing.

All Things Femme

I wear the aforementioned moniker as a badge of honor as I have delved deeply into the minds of crossdressers and sissies alike and have emerged on the other side. But I was reminded recently that not everyone who calls LDW or reads our blogs are well acquainted with their love of all things femme and need help getting more comfortable with their female self.

Let me start by saying that any man that longs to be female, to dress as a woman, or who has a great appreciation for female clothing and accessories is perfectly normal despite how you may see yourself. While we live in a patriarchal society, all humans begin their journey as a female…being male is not a default position. We all have the X chromosome and the question for males is: How closely in touch with your female side are you?

Many men are afraid to be in touch with their female side because you were socialized to believe in the falsehoods of machismo. The men I know who are in close touch with their female selves enjoy a broader range of emotions, are more sensitive to others’ feelings, find greater enjoyment in being with others and are able to better use both sides of their brain in working to make this world a better place for all of us.

Femme is Nothing to Fear

If you are an LDW novice and you are just beginning to wonder about your crossdressing predilections, I am here to tell you that you have nothing to fear. The only negative judgements you may encounter here in the Enchantrix Empire are those that belong to you. I pride myself on not standing in judgement of other’s sexuality and invite you to do the same.

As a man becomes more daring and accepting of his “sissiness” he begins to allow himself to go en femme…meaning, he allows himself to wear the clothing that gets him so aroused. Silky blouses, pencil skirts, nylon thigh-high stockings and sexy heels are just some of those beautiful things he loves hugging his own body. Moreover, I feel comfortable speaking for many Mistresses…we find en femme sissies to be hot and they very much turn us on.

So, if you’re just learning more about yourself and your cross-dressing fantasies, remember, you are in great company and the entire Enchantrix Empire welcomes you with open arms.

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