Domination Implements

Caning, cropping, the English Tawse, spanking, and the freshly cut birch rod are the implements of discipline I love most. Nothing says Dominatrix like a ride in the country with slave, and then stopping at a forest of birch trees. We park and he is ordered out of the car to choose and cut a young and flexible branch. What a splendid place for a picnic and a round of slave and switch.

After our picnic lunch, I order my slave to undress so I may examine him. I order him to bring my toy bag. The examination is always done with a short acrylic cane, opening orifices, examining crevices for stray hairs gone unshaved. There will all ways be several, and for each one I find, he will bend over and grab his ankles on my demand. He will get caned the number of hairs counted.


Once a switch is cut, it must be used before it becomes hard and rigid. He is then tied to the tree face in. It’s time for the real punishment of missing hairs. The switch makes contact to his ass, and the sweet spot area. It is as painful as a rattan cane,and he gets 10 of the best. The area is then examined for precision.

Since the ass area is striped with bright red and can be tortured no more, Mistress takes out her single tail whip for target practice on his back area. I am careful to avoid the backbone but the flesh is mine. The presence of whip marks brings the session to an end. What a delightful drive through the country for a picnic and a domination session with my worthy slave.


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