Feminine Power

Sexual power has traditionally been depicted as a phallus…in other words,
a big fat dick. This is not only sexist and politically incorrect in 2018
but it also tells half the story. For years, you have prided yourself on
having a penis between your legs. But now is a time that will be known
historically for the rise of feminine power.

I like power and I like to control…it is in my blood and something I have
sensed within me for quite some time now. This is the reason I prefer
my submissives in chastity…just to have control over them. Isn’t
it obvious I enjoy power exchange and flexing that power to break your will
and your spirit?

Cock Control

Tell me how much you enjoy being locked up and having to give up control of your cock. A scary thing for novices, but something you have
grown accustomed to. The idea of a powerful female straddling your
pathetically weak body and mind is a powerful turn on for you, is it not?
Feminine power over your penis is something you have feared and craved for many years.

Too Much Masturbation

You’ve had a nearly lifelong problem of chronic masturbation, have you not? The pleasures you get from stroking yourself is something quite special for you. Now is the time for you to grow up and leave your adolescent masturbatory fantasies for something more “adult” and more age appropriate.

As I said earlier, this is an era that will be noted for female power over men. I can think of no better way of celebrating that by controlling your cock. So put down the willy and let’s see how much power I can take from you.


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