You need to go ahead and admit to what you need. You know you need to submit to Mistress.

There’s something very freeing in finally giving in and dropping to your knees, isn’t there? The relief over no longer having to put up a front and pretend to be something that you’re not can be overwhelming. And I know you’re tempted to dive in head first, to go whole hog and never look back… So why are you still hesitating? Go ahead and submit to Mistress! Kneel down, bow your head, and give up control over your cock, your orgasms, your entire existence.

When you give up control, you finally allow yourself the freedom to be who you truly are.

submit to mistress 800 356 6169You are, at heart, deeply submissive and pliant. And so, because of your submissive nature, you crave the guiding hand of a strong woman. When you can finally admit that this is the truth of who and what you really are, you can let go of all attempts to control your cock, your sex life, and your entire world. Give in and submit to Mistress, accept your place in life. Kneel down and be the submissive slut that you’ve always been, deep down inside.

Submit to Mistress and be free!

It’s a strange truth that when you kneel and subjugate yourself to the will of a dominant woman you are finally freer than you ever have been before. There’s no more need to control anything, no need to make decisions or pick and choose what happens next. Everything becomes very simple from that point forward: submit to Mistress and let Her guide all your choices! Submit, and the decisions are made for you: what you wear, how you stroke and touch, when and if you get to cum… all out of your hands, and therefore there’s no more stress or worry. Obey, and know that you are exactly where you belong, doing exactly what you should be doing.

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