Spanking: Your Red Bottom Is a Gift to Me

While I am very fond of being presented with tokens of adoration and honor, such as heels, jewelry, handbags, and various other feminine trappings, I am especially fond of one-of-a-kind gifts that can come from only you and no one else.

What is this something that is so uniquely you and cherished by me? Your ass! More specifically, it is giving your ass a good, attention-grabbing, cheek-rosying spanking.

That’s a treat I can never refuse – and while spankings smart, they can be very exciting and erotic, which is a treat for you on the receiving end!

Spanking As a Form of Domination

Administering Discipline

It’s as simple as this: There’s nothing like a good smack of that subby ass to reinforce my expectations of you and your place in meeting them. Discipline is not malicious; it’s helpful. After all, every sub needs to be kept in line and have his or her behavior kept in check.

Discipline makes that happen, whether it’s used as a preventive measure, a reminder of the expectation I have of continued good behavior, or it’s a reactive necessity that leads to the next form of spanking…

Swift and Certain Punishment

Disobedience, defiance, and irreverence are one-way tickets to a good, harsh lighting up of a submissive’s backside. When you disrespect me or fail to behave yourself, I will make sure you learn a most valuable lesson. After all, I AM a Southern Mistress -hence, a natural-born spanker!- and I firmly believe in wearing out and blistering a bad ass!

Deterrence is the name of the game when you need to be reprimanded and put back into your proper submissive place – and swift, severe, and certain punishment by spanking will ensure that your behavior is corrected!

A Stinging Reminder of Submission

I not only spank a sub as a means of punishment or discipline; sometimes I use it as a reminder.

I believe that even the most well-behaved submissive is well-served by the administration of an occasional reminder spanking. This is when I spank you in a way that is firm and definite, yet there is no chastising, anger, malice or any other negative attitude, feeling or demeanor present.

I merely want to reinforce your submissive mindset and that feeling you get when you sink down into the glorious depths of subspace. This is the kind of spanking that is physically uncomfortable but psychically electrifying. It reminds you of all those sensations you enjoy within your submission.

Bonding By Spanking

Oh, the spanking and the bonding… As spankings CAN be a special expression of affection…

There are occasions when the experience of spanking contains in its core and transmits my feelings of fondness and caring for you and your submission. It’s one of my ways of showing you how much I want you to always be the best submissive possible.

This unique bonding experience can stand alone or be an integral part of the disciplinary spanking or the reminder spanking; it can even be present in a punishment spanking. In each instance, it is intended to emphasize our Dominant-submissive relationship and cement that two-way street, as well as how seriously I take your submissive success and subspace.

Sometimes Only a Spanking Will Do

Are you in dire need of some domination by spanking? Smacked into submission? Whipped into shape? Paddled for being a pussy? Blistered for being a brat? Feeling the firm-handed fondness of a Dominant Woman?

Come “bare your soul” to me, and let’s “celebrate” your submission!

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