Sometimes You Need A Strict Mistress

One of my favorite ways to dominate you is to trick you into begging for long-term orgasm denial.

Think I can’t do it? Think your need to cum is stronger than your desire to serve? Perhaps that would be true if I were just any woman asking something so difficult of you, but an accomplished mindfuck Mistress like me can do the impossible.

Of course, orgasm denial plays a huge part in my mindfuck scheme. When I deny you, your brain gets sloshy and stupid. You’re a perfect victim, ripe for the picking.

Orgasm denial combined with hardcore cockteasing robs you of your ability to make coherent decisions. Your dick starts speaking the only language you understand.

By the time you add my voice and my intellect to the equation, you don’t stand a chance of getting out of this situation with your dignity and your will intact.

Honestly, fucking with you is what I love to do more than anything. I cannot describe how pleasurable the feeling of dominating you and turning you into the perfect puppet is. You begin desperately needing to do anything I ask of you. Your cock stops wanting to please you and turns on you. Your cock betrays you for the pleasure of pleasing me.

My request is quite simple: beg me NOT to MAKE you cum. Beg me to deny your orgasm. It’s not even a matter of allowing it; you have betrayed yourself so completely that orgasm is a punishment!

It’s the most exhilarating conquest, to cause you to need me more than you need to satisfy that desperate desire to cum.

Will you be my next victim?

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