Modern society has a huge fascination with the so-called ‘alpha male’ while ignoring male submission.

Male submission, you see, is a needed and vital part of human society! Without the ability to submit and give in, negotiate, compromise, and make deals, society would fall apart into a mass of argumentative aggressive posturing alphas. Chaos would reign, and culture would die a fiery death. Our modern understanding of the apex of manhood as some fictional muscle bound prime alpha does all of us a huge disservice.

Every time you see some editorial bemoaning the dearth of real men, just remember that the person who wrote that is trapped in the fantasy of alpha manhood.

800 601 7259 male submissionThat’s right, I called it a fantasy. Every single bit of trash you’ve ever read that asserts that there is an alpha male stereotype is trying to sell you something. Because not a single male-identified person on this planet could possibly meet that stereotype. They’re all deeply bought into the ideal, striving towards an unattainable end goal, and shelling out money and time and effort along the way. It’d be so much easier for everyone if every male could just accept that male submission is where he belongs. Just stop trying to be such an alpha and let go of the stereotype. Accept your place: kneeling, bound, secure, with no decisions to make and no need to even think at all.

Male submission is such a lovely experience.

You should try it. Imagine just not having to make any decisions. All you have to do is obey and be a good submissive. Stop trying to live up to impossible standards, stop forcing yourself to act in a way that is unnatural. Just, let it all go and submit! Embrace male submission and a female led relationship just once, and you’ll realize that the entire system is rigged against you and against your inner nature. Men are better at obeying orders than women are, better at simply accepting the status quo without trying to change it, and better at chastity, too.


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