Let’s talk about a Female Led Relationship.

What is a Female Led Relationship? Well, it’s the inverse of the traditional patriarchal relationship style. Usually, in Harper enjoys a female led relationship 800 356 6169a hetero relationship, the man is “in charge”. He’s the head of the household, he usually holds the higher paying job, with more outside the house responsibilities. He does the yard work and grills on the weekends, he never goes into the kitchen or cleans the bathrooms. The couple will live nearer to his work than hers, if she has an outside the house job at all, and if he decides to change careers or go after a promotion that requires relocation, of course she’ll drop her job and go where he leads. Now, imagine all those pronouns reversed.

In a female led relationship, the woman is in charge in all ways.

Gentlemen, imagine for a moment a world in which you stayed home all day to do housework. You’d wake up ten to fifteen minutes before your wife to go start a pot of coffee for her. You’d clean up as fast as you could, using as little hot water as you could, because in a bit she’s going to want a long, hot shower. You’d put on your day clothes, just something soft and comfortable, that you can move around in, and then go start breakfast. By the time your wife arrives downstairs, she’s looking every inch the corporate business woman: suit, makeup, hair styled, high heels and stockings. She’ll sit down, with her coffee and the business section of the paper and grunt her ‘morning at you while you serve her.

This is just the start for your female led relationship, you know.

A female led relationship is more than just a role reversal game. It’s a lifestyle through and through. You’ll not only be the househusband who stays home and cleans and cares for the house, you’ll also be the bottom submissive in bed. In a traditional relationship, when the man wants sex he gets it. He masturbates without a care, he asks his wife for sex, he goes out and gets what he’s craving. In a FLR? Oh honey, you get sex when she wants it, how she wants it, and you don’t really get a say in the matter. And yes, you’ll be enjoying all the pleasure you can find under her strap on cock.

A Female Led Relationship isn’t for everyone, but for a lot of people it’s the key to happiness.

Not all men are cut out to be manly alpha types, not all men can grill worth a damn, and some men are just made to take a strap on up their ass. It’s ok to be the sort of man who craves a female led relationship. Talk it over with your wife, you may be surprised to discover she’d like to be in charge for a change! A female led relationship could be what you’ve both been looking for.

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