What a lovely combination…

Impact Play + Masturbation

Two of my favorite things!  One of the most interesting parts of being a Femdom Mistress is that I get to mix pain with pleasure.  Usually it’s your pain – and my pleasure! – but often, I get to engage in a stroke and spank session.  This is what I call REALLY spanking the monkey!

A Pale Ass And A Hard Cock

You pets all know that I enjoy CFNM.  Having you get naked as our session starts makes you vulnerable and exposed.  Best of all, I get to see just the effect I’m having on you.  You’ve got no way to hide that hard, dripping dick. I have pets who enjoy impact play, but it doesn’t keep them hard.  When I notice that as I spank, paddle or flog you, that dick is getting even harder, though?  Then I know you are ripe to play my game of Spank The Monkey.

On Your Knees

I’ll put you down on the floor, on your hands and knees and tell you to spread those legs.  I’ll grab my paddle in one hand – or maybe just a barehanded spanking – and stroke that naughty prick with the other.  As I feel you getting harder, and see those balls drawing up, my blows get harder and faster – just like the stroking of your cock.  I’ll spank you right through that orgasm, mixing pain with pleasure, until you collapse on the floor.  I wonder, is it because your ass is on fire, or because you’re spent?

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