Ms. Delia is a strict Mistress, so properly address Me  – Or Else! Oh yes, I can be a teasing, sexy, and sensual Mistress when I want to be, but I often prefer being a cruel and sadistic, cocktease!  When that call comes through and one of our wonderful dispatchers

Respect your Mistress Delia!

Respect your Mistress Delia!

is on the other end says “…and he’s looking for a strict mistress.”, oh, my panties get damp.  And you always screw up in that first 10 seconds, when I say “Hello, this is Ms. Delia.” And you answer “Hi!”  Is that anyway to address your strict Femdom?  No!  The correct answer when I introduce myself is for you to say “How may I serve you, Ms. Delia?”

Punishment Time

You’ve chosen not to show me proper respect, so you must be punished.  Should I take you over my knee and spank your naughty bottom?  Or maybe string you up on my St. Andrew’s Cross and give you a flogging or a caning.  I might just decide to bend you over my table, and take your ass with my strap-on! Or maybe you are an attention whore, and the best punishment for you is to be in the corner with no contact from me at all!

Will You Atone For Your Disrespect?

If you take your punishment well, if you show me you’re truly sorry for your disrespect, I might just allow you to stroke your inadequate penis.  Oh, the teasing will be maddening, and I may just leave you denied – you haven’t earned a reward.  The best you can hope for is an abandoned ruined orgasm.  I am sure you’ll remember how to properly greet me next time!

Need a Strict Mistress?  Give Ms. Delia a call.  I just hope you can show me the proper respect.

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