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You’ve been naughty, haven’t you?  A Mistress like me can tell when you’ve been behaving badly, and I know exactly what you need.  Yes, you need a good, hard spanking on that bare butt of yours.  And I’m not going to stop until I think you’ve learned your lesson.  I’m going to warm up that ass of yours with my hand, after pulling you over my knee and yanking down those pants of yours.  We both know they only get in the way of the spanking you need!  And I want to see some hand prints on that butt.  Though, if I still think you haven’t learned your lesson, I’m going to switch over to a nice leather or wooden paddle, or a good leather belt, ensuring that you never misbehave again.  Perhaps an audience of giggling women pointing and laughing at your spanking predicament will keep you in your place!  I can just imagine the things they’d say as I doled out that spanking you so deserve, more and more humiliated with every stinging smack!  “His cheeks are turning as red as his ass cheeks!”

Spanking Games

There’s my disciplinarian side, strict and stern, and then there’s my playful side… the giggling Mistress who can’t help but laugh as you count out those spanks!  Especially if you’re in a pair of panties, or moaning with each and every spank!  I’m practically giggling right now just thinking about it.  I like to keep things interesting with some little spanking games, too. One of my favorites is the simple Spank-or-Stroke dice game – I roll two dice and if it’s an odd number, you give me that many spanks…. and if it’s an even number, that many strokes.  Let’s see just how long you can endure, spankee…. 😉

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