I want that ass, nice and red hot!

Spanking Yourself

No, pets, Ms. Christine is not talking about Spanking The Monkey! Some of you need a Cock Control Mistress to keep your stroking in check, and some of you just need a Mistress who can keep you in control – a Discipline Mistress. When I can’t be there with you – like now – you’ll need to deliver that discipline for me.

What Will Reach That Pale Ass?

You’ll need to get yourself into the right position and get the right spanking instrument. First, you need to get naked for me. You can’t give yourself a bare bottom spanking if you’re wearing clothes! Now, the best position wil be kneeling, or bent over a chair. Make sure you can reach behind youself and get to that spankable bottom! Now, what to use? A belt, hairbrush or even a bath brush works well, especially if they have a long handle. If you want to really imagine I’m there, you can get a leather strap, just like Ms. Christine might use.

Your Punishment

When you smack that disobedient ass, I expect you to hit it as hard as you can stand. If I were there, I’d expect to hear grunts and groans and maybe even a squeal or two. To determine how many spanks you will get, I want you to get a pair of dice. Roll them and multiply by 6. That means it will be anywhere from 12 to 72 licks. When you’re done, your bottom should be red and hot. Roll those dice one more time, and multiply by 2. This is how many minutes you’re going to stand in the corner, thinking about what you’ve done to disappoint me.

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