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There are so many ways to dominate you and keep you under control. I could tie you up. Tied spread eagle to my bed, tied to a cross, or to a spanking bench. I can even use plastic wrap to totally immobilize you. That takes time and effort, and sometimes I just want to jump right in to things. It’s so much easier just to use my mind to keep you controlled.

It’s Kind of Like Self Bondage

I tell you to get naked for me, kneel on the floor at my feet and close your eyes. Then I tell you to put your hands on your head. No need for cuffs, or rope or blindfolds. Oh, and I don’t want to have to gag you either, so you will keep quiet for me, won’t you?
So Much Control
Now, I can do anything I want to you. Stroke and tease you for hours, spank that pale white ass of yours, squeeze those balls and pinch those hard nipples. And you’re showing me your submission and your devotion by keeping still and staying “bound” without any outside influence. You’re not doing it because I’ve caused it, you’re doing it simply because I will it, because I want you under my control. My voice, my commands alone are enough to get your cooperation. My words, my sexy voice, and your mind are all I need to keep you bound, controlled by my will.
~ Princess Andi~
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