Learning My Craft

I spent many summers in my early adulthood with my aunt in India. She had a rather large estate and as you can imagine, a number of servants–and slaves–to take care of the home and tend to her needs. When I visited the servants were also expected to see to my needs as well. This allowed me to perfect my craft as a Dominant Mistress. It was truly a Domination Bootcamp!

The Stable

Often the servants would be a bit remiss in their duties,and they’d need some reminding about who was truly in charge or some persuasion to try harder in pleasing their Mistress. My aunt had a stable specially equipped for these little sessions. Any servant who was ordered or taken to the stables knew they were about to be reminded of their manners.

My first Ruined Orgasm

I recall once one of the house slaves had been quite rude to a guest. One of the sections of the Kama Sutra addresses how one should keep the most graceful manners around guests and he had certainly forgotten his lessons.  I had just gotten back from a horse ride so my aunt told me to take him out to the stable and remind him of what good behavior looks like. Dressed in tan riding pants, a white blouse with 3 buttons undone and my breasts almost falling out with my dark brown nipples showing through, and knee high riding boots, I had him strip naked and then bend over one of the rails with his ass presented to me. I ran my riding crop from the nape of his neck and down his spine to his bottom, rubbing the crop over it before I snapped it back and landed the first smack on his ass. I alternated from cheek to cheek until his ass was bright red and he was promising to act appropriately. I then had him stand before me and attached his wrists to chains above his head. His rock hard cock was jutting out and I began to slowly stroke it with my leather riding gloves. I started whispering in his ear that I really didn’t want to punish him, but it was for his own good. As his excitement grew and I felt his cock swelling even more in my hand I let go, and his cum just dribbled out in the dirt. I just laughed at him as he tried to thrust in the air, trying to get the full release I had urged him towards. I just walked away, continued to laugh evilly and told him I’d leave him alone for a while to think about how he could be a better servant.

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