Goddess Rachel is helping you choose chastity devices! 1-800-356-6169I can think of few acts of submission more overt than chastity. No doubt you’re here either because you’ve made the commitment, or realize your Mistress may demand it of you soon. Or, perhaps you don’t yet have a Mistress, but your desire to commit and submit is acute. In either instance, you are likely asking yourself an age-old question: Out of all the chastity devices out there, how do I know which one is right for Me?

I’ve been asked for advice on chastity devices many times. I’ve decided to consolidate all the advice I’ve given into one post for you, Domination Bootcampers. It goes well beyond how the cage looks. And soon you’ll see why.

Your assignment is to familiarize yourself with the different choices, and then share in the comments which device you predict your Mistress will want you to wear. Or, if so far you are a free-range chastity slave, which device you have or would try until you find a keyholder willing to manage your chastity.

As a preview of what you’ll learn in this post, here are a few of the questions to contemplate:

  • Will Mistress keep Me in chastity permanently, or periodically?
  • How discrete must I be?
  • How active am I (mostly in terms of non-sexual athletic exertion)?
  • Why will I be cock-locked? Is it punitive, preventative, or symbolic?

I will approach the answers to these questions and more by the end. Ready to say goodbye to “I don’t know how to choose one” as an excuse for failure to submit in this unique way?

Let’s begin!

Chastity Devices: Choose the Material

Or rather, be informed as to why your Mistress may have chosen the material She did.

Most chastity devices are made of one or more of the following:

  • leather or imitation leather
  • some kind of metal,
  • rubber
  • some kind of plastic (I’m including both silicone and resin in this category)

Those made of rubber or leather are most useful in scene play rather than for extended wear. They are flexible, which is good for comfort, but possible to wriggle free from or cut through (don’t assume you’re above such an act of rebellion in the depths of long-term orgasm denial, slut).

Goddess Rachel is helping you choose chastity devices! 1-800-356-6169

The Oxballs Atomic Jock Cock Lock. It’s obviously not going to keep you denied. But fun for a scene! Click the pic to learn more.

Also, depending on which material or the quality, it may not be waterproof. You can’t (or shouldn’t) get real leather wet, for example. Such chastity devices can be difficult to keep clean, not to mention to keep yourself clean and your skin healthy if you try to wear them for daily cock security. Lastly, they may not be very durable in the long run.

These may be good for experimentation, however, if you’re a newbie. These are often inexpensive, so it’s safe to purchase one, and see how it feels to have your cock confined. Your Mistress likely won’t settle on one of these, unless, as previously noted, chastity is more about temporary restriction during episodic play than ongoing cock control.

Plastic Chastity

Chastity devices made of one kind of plastic or another are probably the most popular. Not because they’re the best, necessarily, but because they’re the most cost effective to manufacture, and therefore the most reasonably priced of all the long-term wear options. You can find plastic chastity devices for as little as $30 and as much as $200 (or more).

The biggest mistake I see aspiring chastity pets make is that they go for the bargain, thinking all plastic, and all manufacturers, are the same. I’ve said it many times elsewhere, and I’ll say it again: you get what you pay for. I’m not saying you can never rely on quality when you get the cheapest of anything. But it’s a gamble. One that more often than not you (or your wallet) will lose.

So why such a big range in prices?

Just what I said. You get what you pay for.

I hinted at it when I included a few different things under the “plastic” umbrella above. Your Made-in-China CB3000 knockoff from Amazon may use a lower quality plastic. Time will make that clear. There can also be corners cut in production. That makes for chastity devices that are more liable to crack, split the tube, a ring that pinches or a lock that fails, vent and waste holes that are juuust a bit off, or even a tube that becomes scratched or cloudy after repeated cleanings because it’s beginning to degrade.

Believe Me, I’ve seen it.

Goddess Rachel is helping you choose chastity devices! 1-800-356-6169

This is the CB3000. Click on the pick to learn more, but check out the CB-X site where you may find a better price.

You want to present your chastised cock and balls to your Mistress with the whole denied package looking its best, don’t you?  You don’t want Her to confuse wear and tear with attempted sabotage, and miss out on that longed-for upcoming release event, do you?

Plus, the only suffering I want you endure for Me while cock-locked is from swollen, aching blue balls and psychological torment as you struggle to surrender your will and libido. Not from rashes or chafing or pinches, which are all reactions chastity pets in My acquaintance have experienced when they “cheaped out”.

Pursue quality.

Stick with reputable manufacturers of plastic chastity devices. Read reviews. Look for the words “medical grade”, whether polycarbonate (CB-X, Locked In Lust) or silicone (Birdlocked). Resin is a lighter-weight option with just as much durability and quality (Holy Trainer). Also, resin is derived from partly non-synthetic sources, so if you sometimes experience irritation or an allergic reaction to synthetic materials, it might suit you better.

Silicone warms and molds to the body over time, so much so that many who wear silicone chastity devices forget they have them on after a while. Athletes or those with active lifestyles tend to love them. They’re also very comfortable to sleep in.

Further, if you travel a lot, and if the model you choose is compatible with plastic serial-numbered keys, a silicone device is almost undetectable on body scans or by the TSA.

It doesn’t breathe all that well though, so make sure to choose a model with plenty of vent holes. Also, plan to clean yourself, and the device, regularly.

Under supervision, of course.

The above represent strong, quality materials and engineering. One style or shape may suit you better than another (the type of lock, how ergonomic it is for discretion purposes, how many pieces there are to keep track of, the unique dimensions or orientation of your cock, etc.), but those are really the only differences.

Metal: The Luxe of Chastity Devices

Surgical steel chastity devices (like Mature Metal) are the top of the line in almost all categories by which a chastity device can be judged. They are the most secure and hardest to sabotage. Many Mistresses feel they are the best-looking, and most high-end brands are customizable. They usually have a lot more ventilation, and therefore are easiest to clean, even without removing them. They are definitely the most durable.

That said, what makes them so durable and secure can also make them obtrusive, whether to you or to someone to whom you’d rather not disclose, like the TSA, that you’re in chastity. Further, it can be difficult to get used to exercising and sleeping in them.

Goddess Rachel is helping you choose chastity devices! 1-800-356-6169

The Mature Metal Pet Trap. Click the pic for details, customization and ordering information.

These are an investment. It may take some doing to get them customized just right, and they’re less forgiving if you neglect to do so. They can also be quite expensive.

But if your Mistress plans to keep you in chastity permanently, it’s worth it. Perhaps have plastic device for backup or breaks for cleaning.

And so, class: What have W/e learned?

Which chastity device is right for you? Perhaps you’ll want to invest in more than one, like a surgical steel model for most waking hours, and a silicone for sleep. Perhaps you need to look at them, or show them to your Mistress, before you decide. She may have opinions about how She wants Her property wrapped. After all, your submission, and thus your chastised cock and balls, are a gift for Her.

Share in the comments which of the chastity devices has your Mistress’ name on it, whether you know Her well or have yet to meet Her.

And remember, no matter which device you choose, keep yourself and your device clean, be attentive to any unpleasant sensations that don’t pass with time, and always use a bit of lube when re-locking as an extra layer of chafing prevention.

If you have more questions, or perhaps have a vision of the key to your device hanging from My finger and would like to follow through on that, please feel free to get in touch.


Goddess Rachel, Domina of Chastity and Beyond


P.S.:  Listen in below for another assignment you can complete. You may not think you’re ready for chastity. Perhaps it’s something about which you’re still fantasizing only. Why not deepen the fantasy? Listen to how to take your measurements for a chastity device, and write the figures down on a little piece of paper. Keep the paper anywhere you might see it regularly, as accessible as your privacy situation allows.

Then look at it every day.

Tell yourself, “those are the margins of my freedom”.



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