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Whether you are new to the BDSM world or have some experience, be aware that there is a proper way to be of service. That is exactly what your job description is serving mistress. I will give you some tips here on how to submit.The golden rule of submission is NEVER top from the bottom! Not only do you make yourself look like an idiot, but you run the risk of being cast out of mistress’ stable. Of course, that is not your goal, so be humble with your eyes fixed on the ground.

When it is time for mistress to play with you, wait patiently until she acknowledges your presence. All D/s negotiation will be handled in your initial interview so no time is wasted during the first session. Listen attentively and only speak when you are told to. Let your enthusiasm show when performing a service for mistress. If you are worshiping feet, kiss them and lick them with fervor. Helping mistress get ready for a date? Tell her how lovely she looks in her little black dress. Enthusiasm for your submissive position will take you very far.

If this is your first time being under the control of a dominant woman , there may be a learning curve to learning how to submit. You will enjoy the opportunity to surrender your will . She will make decisions for you about what to wear and do. Nothing is left to chance. As times passes, it will seem as if you always lived the way. You cannot be any other way. You know you were meant to be submissive.


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