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Any Alan Watts fans out there? There is a video on youtube, of him discussing meditation. He brings up the subject of erm.. let’s just say, “coerced meditation”, where you have no other choice but to think about nothing. Nothing to focus on, no sounds to distract. Complete sensory deprivation which in turn causes you to drop into a deep space of mindlessness and thoughtlessness. For some, this would be a nightmare. However for a submissive, it would be a dream come true, being made blank and empty, and pliable to programming.

Coerced Meditation

What coerced meditation is, is a form of femdom mind control, where the subject has nothing for their mind to latch onto, to distract or otherwise focus on. Picture a scenario, where you are staring at a blank wall, you are in a room with no windows, no doors, no furniture. You cannot hear anything, you are only able to stare straight ahead at the blank wall. Over time you might doze, but when you wake up: wall. As you might imagine, with no visible indicators of time, you could be in this empty room staring at a blank wall for hours, days, weeks. And in that time your thoughts would become quite warped. Pretty soon, you can’t seem to hold on to a solid thought, because even that drifts away.

Coerced Brainwashing

Some people would shriek and run away at the mere thought of being trapped alone with their thoughts, and nothing to distract from that. If you enjoy the darker path of BDSM and female domination, the subtle torment is intriguing. And also, if you spent enough time in coerced meditation, you would be willing to do anything, to get out of that room. Or… you may become so blank that you stop caring, or forget entirely that there’s a room at all. If you’re a submissive, that likes to tap dance on the dark side of domination and likes being mind fucked, I invite you to call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. I’ll be sure to leave your mind baked and scrubbed, when I’m done with you.


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