How brave are you to expose your panty wearing tendencies? Can you muster up enough courage to tell your wife or girlfriend about that secret box of panties stashed in the basement?

Do the thoughts of coming out of the pantyboy closet scare you speechless? Are you sure your significant other will recoil in disgust and think you’re a hopeless pervert? Do you fear your relationship will be over if you’re open about your secret kink?

I hate to be negative, but you probably should be nervous about telling your wife you’re a pantyboy. I know everyone says one should be open and honest in relationships, but that doesn’t really apply to your panty fixation. My guess is that your significant other thinks you’re a “real man” and that’s who she married. She thinks you’re a real man because that’s who you pretended to be–or honestly thought you were–when you two got together.

It’s pretty much bait and switch to come out and tell her you’re not the man she thought you were. It just might be unfair to her to suddenly confess you’re actually a panty wearing sissy.

Of course you have a need to share your innermost self with someone. That’s what your Mistress is for! She understands what drives you to wear panties, no matter what the reasons are.

There are a lot of reasons why men wear panties. Some just like how they feel against their skin. Some men enjoy the taboo aspect of panty wearing. Some men are trying to decide whether they’re men at all, and may be considering transitioning. For some it’s a dramatic form of submission to a dominant woman.

If coming out to your wife or girlfriend seems impossible, all is not lost. Your Mistress is just a phone call away, and she can help you decide what to do about your passion for panties. Give her a call and work it all out–you’ll be happy you did.

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