Strict Captivity

Strict Captivity and Interrogation doled out by Mistress Cassandra.

What a luxury it would be to have dungeon in an old castle where a stone staircase winds down to a destination of jail cells. This would be your session. You would be naked with a steel collar with shackles. A spreader bar awaits in your cell. A bed of straw is your only furniture besides the pot in the corner. The cell is locked with you in it and you hear my stiletto heeled footsteps walking slowly down the stone corridor. I appear in a prison guard uniform of black and red rubber.


I am here to extract information from you. I am here to keep you captive until I do. I will enjoy giving you sadistic punishment while you are on your knees, and yes…the spreader bar. This may take several days or several hours. It all depends if I like your answers. I begin with your nipples. I like clothespins because they are pervert-able. I will slap them off with a riding crop just for the hell of it. Since I have a whole box of them, I begin to decorate your body in various areas like your balls and cock. Unless you give me the right answer, I will slap them off with a smile. Tell me the truth and you go free.


The spreader bar is calling to me to spread your legs and put it on. Your ass will then be stuffed with my big black strap on. I will bend you over and demand the truth as I penetrate and rough you up with a gloved spanking. Your balls will be squeezed after I slap off the clothespins and penetrate further. You still haven’t told me. The captivity interrogation session lasts as long as the slave wants to play. He may go for several days eating gruel and sleeping on hay. He may last an hour and say the safe word. Leaving it open provides plenty of choices.  

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