Join us in celebrating both the 16th Anniversary of LDW/Enchantrix and the holiday season!


Starting on December 14th, we will be celebrating 12 Days of Decadence with a 2-hour block of time each day during which you can call in and get a FREE 10-minute call!

You can also put those 10 free minutes toward a longer call.


We’re going to Rock Around the Cock….er, we mean Clock, like this:


Free 10 minute call between the hours of

December 14th: 12 am and 2 am EST
December 15th: 2am-4am
December 16th: 4am-6am
December 17th: 6am-8am
December 18th: 8am-10am
December 19th: 10am-12pm
December 20th: 12pm-2pm
December 21st: 2pm-4pm
December 22nd: 4pm-6pm
December 23rd: 6pm-8pm
December 24th: 8pm-10pm
December 25th: 10pm-12am


**All hours above are listed in Eastern Standard Time**

**You can call once each day during the designated hours**

**You may use your 10 free minutes toward a longer call**

This offer is available to all previous callers of LDW, regardless of how recently you’ve called us.

Thank you for joining us in this celebration of YOU and US!

If you have any questions about the promotion feel free to email us at or visit