Nothing says domination more than the captivity conquest. I say conquest because My biggest fantasy is abducting a submissive with the help of a strong man slave and throwing him in the back of a white van. The submissive is then tied up, gagged, and blindfolded. His body rolls around at every turn and taken to a destination. This fantasy is often staged between Mistress and submissive. Crossdressing submissives especially love this because they take the roll of the damsel in distress.

The terror of the drive intensifies when he finally hears gravel on a dirt road with the low voice of Mistress behind the driver’s seat. His heart beat quickens when the van comes to a halt. What’s next? A variety is possible depending on how a Mistress imagines it. One thing is for sure: more terror is in store, interrogation and corporal discipline will become real.

I imagine this: He is stripped nude after the ropes are untied. His blindfold is left intact but the gag comes off. He begins to talk and protest and a bucket of ice cold water is set loose above his head. His cock is quickly locked in a metal cage and it is electrified with an electrode. The blindfold comes off and his Femdom is dressed in fetish prison warden regalia. He looks around him and sees dog bowls full of kibble and a dish of water. He sees a shock collar and a hood. He is in shock. Mistress speaks of the torture to come. It is here where you create and finalize the story sent as a comment on my blog.

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