Chastity Domination

It’s not simply being in the chastity cage with the key around the neck of a dominant Mistress. It has everything to do with Femdom and being owned. Consider the key that she has and her ability to control your orgasm which is why you contacted her in the first place. You saw her, read her profile, and you said “She must own me”.

Masturbation Management

There is the challenge of ownership with an online agreement. You must do your part faithfully without being a chastity cheater. This is why she will always mention the close contact you will have with her when she takes over your cock. You have reported being out of control with masturbation. She will manage it and keep her agreement. Will you?

Chastity Training

Online chastity training is performed with periodic checking in any way she lays it out. This post is not about the details and selections involved with that. What it is about is why you need this particular form of bondage. Yes, it is bondage plain and simple. You are captive in the cage. There will always be an agreement between both of you. Following these guidelines will create the perfect online chastity training, just as effective as in the flesh.

Owned by Mistress

Your flesh will be owned. You will confess your devotion and appreciation for her training and her expert application of her supreme talent and ability. You will be grateful to serve her impeccably. Eventually your assignments will turn into pleasurable tasks which will please her. You will never rebel. If you break free and run renegade, you will never forget her powerful training. You will be back crawling on your knees for forgiveness. Whether she takes you back or not is her decision. You can only hope.


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