Hello there, fans of Domination. Guest blogger Mistress Erika here! Are you an experienced submissive? Looking for a Dominatrix? Curious about phone Domination? Either way you are here and I know you. You think of a sexy woman Dominating you. Fantastic! Phone Domination is what we do here, it’s what I do here. But what IS Phone Domination? Let’s take a look at some of the things you might encounter with a Phone Dominatrix.

D/s Negotiations

Just like any other D/s negotiation , your phone Dominatrix will have a conversation regarding your interests, your limits and experience. Which are your soft limits, and hard limits. There is no right or wrong answer here, pets. The art of Dominating is just that, an art. The Mistress has a lot of tools at her disposal, as well as experience she just needs to know what tools she’ll use. Soft limits are something you may have never thought about: Using toys for instance. A but unsure about it but through discussion say it may be on the table and perhaps willing to explore them. A hard limit is someplace you know you’d never ever want to go! Someone with a hard limit of bi-sexuality won’t be introduced to cock sucking, for instance. But (with a wicked grin) don’t complain to me that after we play for a while your mind slowly opens and you suddenly start thinking of things that are on hard limit list and thinking of moving them to the soft limit list. It happens. It’s the Magic of Domination, I say! *winks*

Phone Domination

Phone Domination 1-800-601-6975

Phone Domination Cock Control

Cock control is big on the list when it comes to Phone Domination. The power exchange is the same, you submit and give control of that cock to me. If you are not experienced then just say so, I just need to know what experience level I’m dealing with and go from there. What is in store for Cock Control? Orgasm edging, coerced orgasm, orgasm management and chastity. I love to put my pets through a regime of each to see which pleases me most. Some edging is their strong suit, so you’d be my prized edging pet. How I adore a stroking, desperate to cum cock.

Phone Domination Femdom Body Worship

Learning how to worship Mistress properly means appreciating every inch of her. Some think body worship means touch, it does not. You don’t have to touch things to learn about it. To learn appreciation for it. Stroking and edging to the image of my feet, creating affirmations geared to seduce your male mind to crave the curve of my hip are to be expected. Femdom body worship goes beyond the typical appreciation and brings a whole new level of intimacy and bonding to a scene.

Submissive Training

These phone domination scenes (above ) help train your brain and your body just the way Mistress likes. Each Mistress is different with different styles and techniques. I encourage you to sample as many Mistresses as you are able, when a connection is made you and your Mistress will know it.

Tight on time and funds? Not an issue. Call our fantastic dispatching staff and ask to play Pass The Penis. Finding the right Femdom, and exploring with her ,creating that bond unique to the two of you is amazing. Regardless if you’ve played before, or not at all, with phone domination if you’ve made it this far in my post you owe it to yourself to try it!

There is simply too much to cover, I just can’t do it in one article. If you liked my post, let me know! Email me at Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.com and check out my blog at Intelligent Phone Fantasy , I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Until we chat ??

Mistress Erika

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