What’s the deal with virtual domination?

Isn’t doing things virtually just a pale shadow of what happens in the real world? Why would anyone want to do such intimately sexual things over a computer simulation, anyway? These are the sorts of things people say to cover for the fact that they have no idea what virtual sex and domination is actually about or like. Let me introduce you to a whole new world and way to experience sex and domination, an online, virtual world. Virtual domination can open up a wonderful arena for you to experience amazing intimacy.

Virtual domination is just like any other form of domination.

Harper in the Virtual World 800 539 4566 virtual dominationLet’s be real here: you’re reading a blog about phone sex and phone domination. We talk about sex and kink and domination games, but none of what we discuss takes place face to face. We use our ability to describe what’s happening, and our largest sexual organs (our brains), to imagine what’s going on and get an erotic charge from just that. Virtual domination adds an element: now you can see virtual representatives of yourself and your Mistress enacting the things we’ve been talking about. Some of the need for you to imagine what’s happening based on verbal descriptions has been eliminated.

If you’ve ever really wanted to know what it would look like to kneel in front of your Mistress, now you can find out!

On the private island owned and operated by Enchantrix Empire, you can find out what it could look like if you were to meet up with a Mistress. What would it be like to walk into her bedroom, and find yourself tied to the bed? What if you actually did wind up worshipping her feet? Would a collar be a turn on or a turn-off? Would you like to give your Mistress a virtual massage? Can you suspend disbelief long enough to accept that what happens in the virtual world has an effect on you in the non-virtual world?

If you’re interested, we can help you out.

Make an account, select a basic avatar, and then drop us a line. We’ll lead you down the kinky path to fetish and domination in the virtual world. Just be careful: you may discover that you like virtual domination a little too much!


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