Now that you’ve become my collared submissive, you’re probably wondering what your new lifestyle will entail. There won’t be too many changes. If you have been honored with the granting of a collar, then you must have been doing something right up to this point. Obedience is the number one factor that I use in determining who gets collared and who does not, which means you must have been a very good sub for me. Your duties will simply morph into a form of more extreme servitude.

Donning the submissive uniform

If you are going to serve a Mistress properly, then you should expect to dress in that fashion that is most appealing to her. That could mean putting you in a pair of panties or a full-on tuxedo. Just as with the selection of your collar, some choices must simply remain with her. A Femdom in total control means just that. And in my book, I prefer to have my submissive dressed in panties, stockings, babydoll nighties and heels.

Now you might be expressing a personal objection to that. “I’m not a sissy,” you say. That may be the case, but you would do well to review the previous paragraph. Stick it on a post-it note. Call it Submission 101 and remember it. Mistress will respect many boundaries. This is not one of them. Now put on the damn panties.

The collared submissive chore list

So many things to do! So many ways to make MY life easier. And in turn, you will be rewarded for doing a good job. I will train you to be a service submissive who is not content with doing shoddy work. After all, why would you want to be sub-par when you could be allowed the privilege of worshiping my body or dining out of a bowl at my feet during supper? It may be an adjustment, but by the time I’m through, you will wonder how you ever thought living without a collar was indeed living at all.

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