Put the clothespins on your cock and balls for Me!

CBT Training!

CBT Training!

The key to clothespins CBT is to forget that you have them on. That is where I come in. I can slip into your mind and help you forget that nagging ache between your legs. You don’t want to think about the pain, so, instead, you think about my beautiful body. I know how much you long and ache to kiss my body from head to toe.

But instead of pleasure, I reward you with mind-blowing pain.

I use my finger and thump your clothespins. You whimper or scream a little as a current of mind-blowing electricity moves through your body. What is amazing is that even with that level of pain your cock gets bigger instead of losing its erection. It is almost like a current of power has moved through your body and you feel almost like a superhero. Well, that is till I thump your clothespins again.

You then remember how lowly you truly are to Me.

It’s good for a submissive to learn how to be humble and obey his Mistress. What better way to do this than through CBT training of pain. I expertly move my fingers over your body ’til you are burning with lust. Then I lift your balls and stare deep into your eyes. You are leaking from the over stimulation. This, of course, only makes me smile as I rub the pre-cum over the part of your balls not covered in clothespins.

I think you can just imagine what happens next.

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Mistress Simone


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