I’m Ms. Olivia — the Experienced Mistress — so I know a thing or two or three about domination. If you’re new to BDsm and power exchange then this boot camp is the perfect place to begin.kink BDsm Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

Not sure about BDsm?

Maybe you come to this Experienced Mistress because you’re curious about kink and new to fetish play. I love to answer newbie questions about BDsm and kink. After all, I was new once! You’re on an exciting journey of exploration.

Let’s start with kink basics:

Chances are you’re submissive — but here’s a quick overview of what the terms dominant and submissive mean.

Let Mistress guide you

If you’re submissive then we’re a match — at least for power exchange. It’s important that you feel comfortable with my Mistress style. Once I talk with you about your fantasies, curiosities, and needs — let me guide you.

Your first experience of subspace

Our time together is a combination of erotic conversation, guided meditation, kinky storytelling and wicked fun roleplay. One caller who was new to BDsm said this about his first experience of subspace:

“Then there was a moment, just a short one, where that’s all there was … just those sensations and that pulsing energy, nothing else. It slipped away but was so profound and intriguing that I wanted so badly just to get it back again, or get back to it again.”

You might be an Alpha male in other aspects of your life — think of this as an erotic vacation. Are you ready?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia

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