Ms. Delia’s Ice Cold Ruined Orgasm

A New Way To Ruin An Orgasm

Ruined Orgasms with Ms. Delia Let’s face it, there are so many ways to ruin your orgasm for your Mistress.  You can abandon it, just let go at the point of no return.  You can squelch it or scrunch it, squeezing the shaft.

You can thumb or palm it, or even slap that orgasm.  In the end, that jizz drips and dribbles out of your dick.  Here’s a new one that I read about that allows an ejaculation without orgasm. The great thing about ruining an orgasm is that it keeps you so aroused and sexually frustrated.  Ripe for even more teasing!

Ice Cold Ruin

Get a pitcher of ice-cold water, filled with ice cubes.  A bowl will work in a pinch, but a pitcher is better.  Then, get naked for me, and get into position on your hands and knees, ass in the air, cock hanging down.  Start stroking slowly.

I really want you to build up that cum load in your balls.  Give Ms. Delia 20 minutes of stroking or 5 edges, whichever takes longer.  As you stroke and reach that point of no return, drop your entire dick…balls too…into that ice cold water.

Not only will you ruin that orgasm, but I guarantee every contraction will be…unpleasant.

Why Should You Ruin Your Orgasm?

More importantly, why should you ruin your orgasm in this particular way?

There’s no orgasm.  I’m positive it won’t be enjoyable, and there will be some dripping, but no real orgasm

You’re still horny!

If you’re a chastised slave, then leave that cock in the ice water for at least 30 seconds after you cum, and it will shrivel up.  Perfect for getting you back in your cage!

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