Wouldn’t you love to be teased by your Mistress?

I mean, to know that first up you have a Mistress?! Excellent. It’s what you’ve been dreaming about and fantasizing over ever since you first figured out that being under the thumb of a smart, powerful woman made your pathetic little prick excited. Add to that the pure bliss of having that powerful Mistress tease and taunt you, deliberately, just to make you blush and twitch? You’d be in submissive male heaven if you were teased by your Mistress.

Close your eyes and picture the scene:

800 601 7259 teased by your mistressThere you are, stripped naked, helpless. Perhaps tied to a chair with your own tie, while a grinning woman observes your struggles to get loose. She, of course, is dressed sexily, but not too slutty. Just perfect, with hair and makeup meant to emphasize her power and control. High heeled shoes make her legs look delectable, as she towers over your quivering form. She runs one fingertip over your engorged penis, causing it to bob in excitement.

This is just the start of your evening being teased by your Mistress.

Once she’s got you in such a vulnerable state, you know she’s only going to increase the intensity. The only direction to go is up, after all. Naked, tied down, teased by your Mistress until you whimper and moan and cry for release… Oh yes, this is going to be an evening to remember. How many firsts do you think you can take for her? Can you handle a cock ring, designed to keep you hard and prevent any release? Could you stand it if she sat in your lap and rubbed her clit on your cock? When would you break and start to beg, exactly what exquisite torture would wring tears from your eyes and broken promises to be good and do anything for your Mistress? How long could you take being teased by your Mistress?


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