You need to submit to your Mistress.

You know the inescapable truth of this, just as surely as you know your own name. The constant thrumming desire to drop to your knees and be relieved of your free will follows you from the time you wake up until you finally sleep each day. And you know you’ll never be free of this desire, this need, until you find some way to slake your thirst and kneel in utter submission. Submit to your Mistress and find the release you crave.

submit to your mistress 800 356 6169It can be so terrible when you have this need and yet no Mistress.

Of course, I know the pain you feel, and I can sympathize. Where you need to kneel and give up control, I yearn to reach out and take control of you. I can see you struggle, how you yearn, and yet I know that until you give in to the need, there’s nothing I can do to help you. You have to be willing to submit. You must make that choice. And meanwhile, all I want is for you to go ahead and submit to your Mistress.

Why do I make you actively submit?

Why not go ahead and tell you to kneel, why would I wait for you to break under your own pressure? The answer should be obvious. Why do I wait for you to decide to submit to your Mistress when it’d be so very easy to make you mine? It’s more delicious when you finally kneel if you struggled with yourself first. It’s more fun to watch you fight, fruitlessly, helplessly, knowing that the end is already certain. I like watching you struggle with yourself until you finally give in. It amuses me.

So go ahead. Submit to your Mistress.

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