And Your Everyday Domination Assignment

Domination can be part of your everyday life…

Take a run-of-the-mill sex toy, paint it black or cover it in leather, rubber or PVC. And add the words or letters BDSM to the description and it doubles, even triples in price! But don’t spend all of your hard earned money, when you can make toys out of all kinds of everyday household items…you can see where this is going with this, huh? So that’s leads us to today’s Domination Boot Camp assignment. Go find an everyday item that can be used in a very kinky way. In the comments, tell us what it is you used, what you normally use it for and then how you used it for this assignment.

Are you stumped? Need some examples?

Water Bottles Become Ball Weights

Are you a CBT player? Like to tie up your cock and balls and see how far they’ll stretch? Who needs expensive ball weights (which are pretty much just fishing weights anyway)? Just grab an empty water bottle. Now, the cool thing about using something like this is that the weight is infinitely adjustable – just add or take away the fluid. And your Mistress can give you guided masturbation instructions, along with instructions to add more weight with every edge you reach!

Anal Play Domination

It’s true that dildos can get expensive – although I certainly recommend quality ones over cheap any day. Maybe it’s not the cost of the dildo, you just forgot to pack one on your business trip! So let’s fuck your ass with anything other than a dildo. Of course, there’s always vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, and zucchinis. Or how about we light up your butt – and using a Glow stick to pound your boi pussy? Just make sure to cover it completely in a condom and tie something through the knot that you can use as a handle. And you won’t have to worry about losing your glow stick, that might lead to the Doc at the ER using it as light to retrieve it!

Remember to leave a comment and tell us what you used…

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Everyday Domination Assignment from Ms. Christine

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