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Surely You Can’t Say No!

One of the most commented on posts on my blog is entitled Men are the Weaker Sex and Need Women to Dominate Them.

I wrote that post over two years ago, and I’m still getting new comments on it. It obviously hit a chord with my readers and let them know I understand the mind of the submissive man.

You’ve long felt that women are far superior to you, haven’t you? You know you belong on your knees in front of a dominant woman, giving up control, worshipping her for her sexuality, her intellect, and the way she knows exactly how to control you.

Even men who aren’t submissive understand that men are the weaker sex. Non-submissives simply spend most of their lives overcompensating for their feelings of inadequacy.

I live in the south, home of the big wheeled trucks I affectionately call “Little Dickmobiles.” Some of them do something called “rolling coal,” which means they spit black sooty exhaust out of their tailpipes to show people they don’t need no west-coast liberals telling them not to fuck the environment. These fucktards have even caused accidents spitting their idiotic notions in other people’s faces.

It’s a damn shame all men can’t just accept the fact that they’re impotent and helpless in the face of a real woman who doesn’t buy into the lie that men are the ones in control.

It’s hilarious the lengths men will go to, just to keep women from figuring out they know nothing at all. Entire religions pivot on the notion that women must submit to men. Women have been labeled as witches and burned, women are called sluts and whores–all to keep women from realizing their power and ability to turn men into their simpering little servants.

Well, this is one woman who found out your little secret long ago. I know exactly what you are, and I know your limitations.

I know who you are, and you love me for it. You embrace all of the femdom lessons I teach you, and you thank me for them even (especially) when they are difficult.

I’ve taught you well to be my good boy, and you’re careful to follow my rules.

Being in my circle of favor gives your life meaning, and you love being my favored and highly esteemed servant. Seeking my ownership is the best decision you’ve ever made!


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