Once upon a time there was a slut who desperately needed a Mistress to tease and delay his orgasm.

This poor sad slut was so desperate to be teased and denied that he would sometimes just close his eyes and imagine that he had a strong Mistress, and that he had displeased her. His fantasy world was so much nicer than the real world that he had to live in that every day he spent more and more time just dreaming about submitting. He couldn’t find happiness in a world where the secretary at work smiled and looked away from him while blushing, and there was no deadline or report that could fill his heart with happiness. He yearned for a Mistress, and as a result, he started to neglect his real life.

800 601 7259 tease and delayThe poor wanna be submissive was so lost that his coworkers and friends started to notice.

His need for a Mistress to control him, to tease and deny his orgasm, was so strong that he let his obligations start to slide. At work, his performance reviews started to slip, and one day, he was asked to go to the bosses office. Glum, he shuffled along to the office. The secretary wouldn’t even look at him, as she ushered him into the inner sanctum. He stood in front of the huge oak desk, eyes downcast, waiting for the inevitable implosion of his life. His boss, however, had a surprise for him.

The tease and denial slut had lost track of organizational changes in the power structure at work.

Because he’d spent so much time on the internet watching porn, and daydreaming, he’d lost track of something very important. James, his boss, had shifted to a different department. His new boss had never met him, and only called him in to appraise him face to face. So when he heard his name called in the sultry smokey tones of a woman, the stroker slut was utterly shocked. He raised his eyes and beheld Her: poised, calm, clearly powerful and beautiful. She sat behind the desk in a position of pure power, looking him over like he was a piece of meat. He became instantly hard as a rock. Of course she noticed.

“Well, well. Look at you. I can already tell we’re going to be very close. You look like you need some strict overseeing and direct control. Let’s get started, shall we?”

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