your body’s reaction doesn’t lie…

I know you want the Domination I’ve suggested to you, as well as the Control that you know only comes from a sensual Femdom, who can be quite strict, like me.  No matter how much you might complain and tell me you don’t want to do the perverted, kinky things I ask of you, I can tell that deep down inside you really want to.  It’s one of the reasons I keep you naked all the time.  You see, your body betrays you.

A Hard Cock Can’t Lie

When I tell you something mean, tell you that I’m going to do something terrible to you, tell you that you’re going to hurt for my amusement, it doesn’t matter what you say.  You can say that it’s not fair, that you don’t like that, ask me to stop or to be nice, but I can see just how excited you are.  Tell me you don’t like being spanked over my knee, that it’s too much – all while your cock is hot, throbbing and dripping, while trapped in between my thighs.  I don’t believe you when you tell me you’re not a panty boi – not when that wet spot is growing ever bigger, shimmering in the satin of that thong.

Your Slutty Body Betrays Your Lust for My Domination Every Time

They say the heart wants what the heart wants.  Well, I guess you can also say the cock wants what the cock wants, hmmm?  Whenever I’m teasing and tormenting you and you tell me it’s not what you want, all I have to do is point out how hard your cock is, how those drips of pre-cum have now become a river.  How your body is betraying you.  Your body wants things that you tell yourself aren’t things that you should want.

You see, I know that you denying your desires and begging me to believe that you don’t want this is part of your fetish. That denial is a part of what you really crave. So yes, I love it when your body tells on you.

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