Domination and Masturbation May go hand in hand.

Yes, the pun was intended, hahahaha! Happy Masturbation May to all you submissive men who just crave a Mistress being in charge and taking full control!

Domination can mean many things, but for the sake of this blog, let’s talk about you being dominated by a Mistress who is making you masturbate. Do you get to masturbate to orgasm? Well, that simply depends on the Mistress you speak with. What you should know is, it is not your place to be asking for anything. You simply do as your told, how you are told, and when you are told. Every stroke, every pump, directed by your Mistress.

Don't masturbate alone. Join us for Masturbation May!

As a special perk during Masturbation May, we have some cool ways you can join in on the fun and perhaps even win some awesome prizes! We have a writing contest on Enchantrix Empire and we have a couple contests for callers, such as Masturbator of the month and the Sluttiest Masturbator!

Find out all the details and how to win here on our perks site and be prepared to have your masturbation dominated!