I need a new pet.

Domination pet play

Domination pet play manifests itself in as many ways as there are Dominants and submissives. All that’s required, really, is that there is a D/s dynamic in place. The rest is up to the whims and kinks of the Mistress, and the boundaries and interests of the slave. I call many of My slaves My pets, but I have very few actual pet play submissives. I hereby recruit you to be My pet, slutty slave. It’s challenging to get as much fun out of a pet play scenario when W/e’re on the phone together as it would be if I were there holding your leash, but both you and I have good imaginations, don’t W/e?

Pet Play Domination is a great way for Me to enjoy many of My kinks, chief among them exploiting your submissive libido. You’ll do anything to please Me, and that’s as it should be. But if you have a taste for any of the following, it’s all the more reason you would make a perfect pet for Me: Humiliation, degradation, CFNM (covered female, naked male, for the uninitiated), anal play, bondage, captivity, foot and shoe worship, chastity, tease and denial, cockteasing, impact play, cock and ball torment, and even sissification!

Sissification, you ask? Well yes, if you’re going to be My puffy little French Poodle rather than some more masculine type of dog, I can find many ways to work in your lust for feminization!

pet play

I bet you know what these are for. Of course I want you to pick the biggest one, but, you know, use your judgement. *giggle*

Are you intrigued, you pervert? Of course you are. Your mind is already reeling with the possibilities. You’re already picturing, for example, how your lust to be humiliated and degraded as a male slave fits in. There are so many ways, but to begin with, the best posture for a slave in the presence of his Mistress is as close to the ground at Her feet as possible.

My new pet, you will walk on all fours, like a pet should.

Hands and knees. Your slutty fantasies about bondage start with your collar and leash, and grow from there! Down on your hands and knees, you foot sluts are close to the object of your desire, and though you may be rebuffed like a dog who invades the space of its owner without permission, it’s almost expected that you’ll be sniffing around My stilettos.

Oh, there’s much more. Perhaps I should begin to tell you what a pet play session would be like if you and I were able to have one in the flesh. Maybe then you and I can get creative on some ways to explore it in a Femdom phone sex session. I know how creative you tend to get when your cock gets hard, and something tells Me it already is.

There’s so many more possibilities than I have time to tell you about in such a short audio, but below, listen in and I think your own creative juices, and maybe juices of other kinds, will begin to flow!

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