Coerced cum eating is great for straight men!

You WILL be eating your cum for Mistress Simone.

Eat your CUM

I know how much you don’t want to eat your own cum. I also know how much you desire to please me. Pleasing your Mistress is essential to being owned. I enjoy making men do things that make them feel uncomfortable. It pleases me to get you out of your comfort zone, in the name of doing what I want.

Eating your cum is an assignment I love to give!

Now, I know how many of you guys out there get hard when stroking thinking about it. You talk about it all day, but when it comes to doing the deed, you back out. This is not acceptable for me. I need total loyalty from my slaves, to be happy. This means that you better obey! It’s not enough to just run your mouth. I need to know you are going through with the deed.

Watching you eat cum on cam makes me very happy!

You can’t back down from eating your own cum if I’m looking at you. I want to see you either splash that cum in your own face, or put it directly in your mouth right as you are cumming. The key to getting you to do it is to do it quickly before your mind can stop you.

Your analytical mind gets in the way of you pleasing me.

That’s OK, I can get around that. You will be so turned on and eager to eat it by the time that I allow you to cum, that you will be begging me to eat it. Sounds like a great breakfast or late night snack to me!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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