Mean Mistress and CBT role plays can be wonderful stress relief for the holiday season!

CBT for the holidays!

CBT for the holidays!

There is something relaxing about knowing that you are going to be treated to cruel Mistress to help deal with the stress of the holidays. Imagine, if you will, that you are dangling helpless on a St. Andrew’s Cross. The wood is holding your frail body upright. Well, my cross can move up and down to fit the whims of my needs and then locks in place. This is helpful if I decide I want to suddenly ride your cock.  (In most instances, this is not the case.)

You, however, don’t know this fact, as I tease you about it while attaching the clothes pins to your balls.

Cock and ball torture, or CBT for short, feels wonderful only to the person that loves pain, right?  Well, not really, it enables a person to stop their thoughts.  Many times, we are so consumed in day to day stress that we are not able to stop for a moment and still our thoughts.  Controlled pain, actually does this incredible feat.  

Use large tongs to pull and tug on those big balls for me.

Even if your balls are not so big, it is still pretty fantastic to do some pulling on them for me.  It might hurt a little bit at first.   Then, you will notice that when you are doing it, you are no longer thinking about that board meeting anymore.  All of that stress has gone away, and it’s just you and your balls.  Now, that’s a LOT better.

I can take you to another plane of existence with your mind.

In this place, I can be sweet and sensual or mean and bitchy.  It’s choose your own adventure, so it’s all your choice.

Are you ready to stop your thoughts for me?

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil…)

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