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Edging, erotic humiliation, giving up power and control, perhaps with touches of feminization and even femdom play; these are the staples of an intelligent domination session. Yet many callers are perplexed about how to make their wishes known. How do you actually get into a satisfying domination fantasy, much less explain it to someone you’ve never spoken with before?

Your Mistress Enters Your Secret Fantasy and Takes Control of It

If you’ve ever had the experience of being with someone who can finish your sentences, who intuitively knows you so well that they anticipate where you want to go before you’ve even given them an indication that’s what you were hoping for. This is what a really great, intelligent and satisfying domination session is all about, and it’s the kind of rapport I strive for with all of my callers.

You will be Surprised about what Gives You the Most Pleasure

It isn’t all about tying you up and causing pain, although I can do that if you wish. I find that often the best sessions evolve out of a combination of pain and pleasure. Somehow, the thing that you thought you couldn’t take changes from punishment into surrender, and in that moment, you are able to access a deeper pleasure than you have ever known. This is the heart of true domination. Pain can come in many forms, not always physical. The common denominator is that surrender eventually must occur. Giving up power and control , which I’ve written extensively about, in an erotic and intelligent manner is one of the most stimulating sexual pursuits to be experienced.

What You Can Expect in a Domination Session with Me

Things always begin with great subtlety in a first time session. There will be questions varied and perhaps seemingly unrelated as I get to know you. The first few minutes might even feel a bit clinical. This is just the preliminary stage before we begin to deeply connect and find an arcing rhythm that will take me deeply inside your head in such a powerfully erotic way, you won’t be able to resist. The session will simultaneously continue to build to a crescendo of anticipation and frenzy of surrender until you are no longer anticipating, but simply in the moment, loving everything that happens to you, painful and pleasurable.

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Intelligent Domination

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