I am in the mood to have you kneel for Mistress.

Sometimes, I’m in the mood for something sweet and sensual. I’ll want you to get me some of that luscious body butter on my wishlist, and then spend just hours rubbing and caressing me until I’m limp with pleasure. Sometimes I want to have my feet worshiped and just indulge in your hands on me. And sometimes, I want to be a little bit cruel, just because I can. I’m in one of ~those~ moods.

kneel for Mistress Harper 800 356 6169Kneel for Mistress.

I’m in the mood to tease your cock until it’s bright red and dripping pre-cum. I want a leather strap wrapped around it, so you can’t cum, no matter how badly you need to. I want your arms tied behind your back, your ribs straining with your breath, and I want to watch you sweat for me. I want you to kneel for Mistress. Not to kneel for pleasure, not to kneel so you can lick my pussy, not kneeling so you can cum for me. No. Kneel for Mistress. Because I say to get on your fucking knees, and you have no other option but to obey.

I want you to kneel for your Mistress and beg for release.

You will belong to me in every possible way. If I could I’d engrave my name across that cock, just so everyone who looks at it will know you’re mine. I want your delicious suffering, your moans, your begging for permission to cum for me. And I want your despair each time I tell you “No, not yet.” Despair, because ‘not yet’ is a lie. I’m not going to let you cum. I’m going to keep you just like this for ever. In my deepest, darkest moments, I would keep you just like this.

                                    I want you to drop to your knees because you know you are MINE.



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