Hard Cider CBT FunAdd some hard apple cider to your cbt games.

Continuing on with my theme of twisting Fall flavors into fetish games, today it’s Hard Cider’s turn to get a CBT makeover. Hard Cider is spiked cider, you can either make your own by adding a shot of the spirit of your choice to regular cider, or experiment with picking up some of the hard ciders on the market: StrongBow, Angry Orchard, Becks, ect.

Supplies: sandpaper, toothbrush, chilled hard cider, metal spoon, coffee mug, large bowl of ice, cayenne powder

When Hell Freezes Over Cider Bath

Settle a coffee mug into a large bowl of ice, then pour the chilled hard cider into the mug. Add in a pinch of cayenne & stir with the spoon. If you want it extra cold, freeze for another 30min. Chafe your cock & balls with sandpaper & a toothbrush until every single bit is tender and pink. Dunk your cock and balls into the chilled cider for 15 seconds, then stroke for 30 seconds while beating your balls with the metal spoon. Finally, stroke with sandpaper for 10 seconds. Add an extra pinch of cayenne to the hard cider for each circuit you do until you cum, or you’ve completed at least 10 circuits.

When Hell Freezes Over Cider Ice Cubes

(Only for use when you’re home for the night; DO NOT use these then drive)

Take the Hell Freezes Over Cider liquid at the end of the game and pour it into into ice cube trays. Freeze them completely, then use up your ass for a fire and ice treat–make sure to dip them in water or lube first before insertion. The cayenne used during the game & the alcohol content will make the ice cubes give off a warming sensation as they melt. Depending on how many pinches of cayenne you added, it will go from mild warmth to your own version of the ring of fire. However, alcohol absorbed through your backdoor will hit harder than if you drank it, so only use these when you’re home for the night. They’ll make a great addition to some CBT & impact play games.

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