Three Cider Challenges for CBT AddictsCBT games to play using cider.

There are so many wonderful flavors to celebrate in Fall, and this year, I’ve decided to take 3 of them for a food fetish twist. I walked you through caramel CBT in an earlier post. This time around, I’m taking aim at cider. The Autumn classic spiced apple juice cocktail is a delicious part of Fall, and it can even be a wonderful addition to your CBT games. Here are 3 cider games to play (these games feature regular cider, a spiked cider post will be coming up):

Supplies: cider, coffee mug, microwave, spoon, large empty bowl, large bowl of ice, lube

Bobbing for Balls

Pour cider into the mug & heat in the microwave. Don’t boil. Sip & finger test for safety. Dunk your balls in hot cider, and steep for 5, then 10, and finally 15 seconds at a time. Minimum of 5 circuits.

Fire & Ice Cider

Heat cider in the mug in the microwave, sip & finger test for safety. Then, slick your dick & balls with lube, and lay them in the large bowl of ice. Take the spoon, and use it to drizzle hot cider over your exposed cock, then beat it with the hot spoon. Ten whacks for each spoonful until the mug is empty.

Cider Glazed

Heat cider in the mug in the microwave, sip & finger test for safety. Stroke your cock over the empty large bowl, pouring a spoonful of hot cider over it every 10 strokes. If you don’t cum before the mug is empty, you’re not allowed to cum at all. If you do cum, aim into the bowl, then drink the jizz & cider mix it contains.

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